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Agentur Armin Harmeling


Maximiliansplatz 9 - D-80333 Munchen (Germany)

Tel: +49 (0)89 55275209 Fax: +49 (0)89 55275211

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Thierry Rabotin is the designer of the brand that bears his name. Centrai to his vision is the strong belief that beauty and functionality are not mutually exclusive concepts. lt was this very driving farce behind the establishment of Parabiago Collezioni, company founded by Giovanna Ceolini, Karlheinz Schlecht and Thierry Rabotin in 1999, with the dedication that manufacturing exclusively comfortable high quality shoes is a responsible way to respect the women's concern of perfect

fit. In Parabiago Collezioni's energy-efficient state of the art factory locateci in Busto Garolfo near Milan, artisan techniques still rule supreme aver assembly lines and machines , as even the most sophisticated technology cannot compete with the human hand. The excellent craftsmanship is an important cornerstone of the company 's strong commitment to the ltalian art of shoemaking. Besi­ des being manufactured entirely in-house, the styles feature hand selected premium leathers and fine components exclusively sourced from European suppliers . Thanks to the creativity and consi­ stent attention to detail that distinguish the designs ranging from elegant styles to casual models, the Thierry Rabotin collection is able to satisfy the tastes of a broad customer base in terms of age and lifestyle.

About me: After having worked several years for an ltalian shoe company in the field of order pro­ cessing, Ijoined Parabiago Collezioni in 2004, fulfilling various rules including customer arder data recording. In 2012 Itook advantage of the opportunity offered by Parabiago Collezioni to become the representative for Thierry Rabotin shoes in Germany and Austria . From mid-2015 my area of representation also includes Belgium and Netherlands .


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